To mark the opening of the historical ‘Plaza Mayor de Cáceres’ and coinciding with the celebrations of its patron saint ‘San Jorge’, the City Hall trusted Carros de Foc with the design and production of the opening show. The main Plaza Mayor Square was transformed into a spectacular setting. Part of the parade took place through the main streets of the city ending in a performance in the main square.


Carros de Foc recreated the most important scenes from the legend of George and the Dragon. An Acrobat suspended overhead narrates the different scenes and represents the plight of the Muslim people at the hands of the Christians. The battle between the Moors and Christian takes place between a passageway staging the fight between the two. Another of the scenes narrates the cruel battle between the dragon and the courageous people of the village. St George gallops astride the giant marionette “Caballo Real (Royal Horse)”. After a bloody fight, the dragon is defeated, bursts into flames and sets free the princess.

The Main Square in Cáceres sets the stage.
San Jorge in Cáceres by Carros de Foc