The Carros de Foc team arrived in the French town of Romans to stage a new urban show adapting their representation of ‘Natural Spirit´ to the theme of the Carnival.
A carnival which is as historic as funny and one that dates back to 1590.

It is without a doubt one of the most important carnivals held in France mainly due to what it symbolized in its day and the social upheaval it originated which has been kept alive until today.

Montaje y ensayos en Romans

This second video, shows a brush-stroke of the show that Carros de Foc performedin the Carnival of the French city of Romans where we offered a tailored version of our show Natural Spirit, the event had an attendance of more than 10 thousand persons.

Our greetings for the collaboration of the groups “Des Balles Ton Cirque” and “La Marmite” and the organizer entity of Roman´s Carnival for the fantastic reception and warmth.

Public opinion - Romans