“Adramelech” is an itinerant show which is both fun-filled and brutal due to the beastly and savage interpretations of the dancers. During the creative production, we worked to merge music, mythological creatures, unnatural forces, power and the atrocious domination of Adramelech who commands what to do and what not.

Under his power are the maids of Adramelech who seduce with their beautiful body movements, their sculpted bodies and supernatural flexibility which in turn contrasts with other deformed and amorphous gestures. It is a clash between beauty and deformity.

Adramelech: La Grande Motte. Francia
Adramelech. Public Opinion: Carros de Foc in Aurillac
Adramelech by Carros de Foc. Aurillac, France
Carros de Foc, Aurillac