The large scale format of Natural Spirit is a production where the large marionettes of Carros de Foc; Caballo Real (Royal Horse), Aguila Sophia (Eagle Sophia) and our tallest marionette to date at 10 metres named Salvador. This trio are at the forefront of the parade and introduce us to the chain of events within Natural Spirit. The essence of the story is a reflection of the damage made by man on nature and the necesity to respect our enviroment.

The need to maintain a balance between man and nature via a common language: music, lights, aerial acrobats using fabrics, dancers with fire fans, balancing acts, performance and video, all come together to symbolise Earths different elements of Fire, Air & Water which all interact with our giant mobile marionettes made by Carros de Foc. It is without a doubt an amazing visual show which never ceases to amaze the audience wherever it goes, just like it already has in many different countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, Morrocco, Romania or Italy…

Soul Scene
Water Scene