The Monegros Desert Festival is one of the most important macro-events dedicated to groups of a variety of different music styles; singers, DJ´s and dancers, a cocktail of different cultures that set the trend of the current music scene. Obviously with an event of this kind Carros de Foc had a lot to contribute with their fantastic, eclectic & urban style.

And so it was when one day we received a call from the Monegros Desert Festival organization inviting us to take part in this event, an event that is classed as one of the most important festivals held worldwide. From Carros de Foc we would like to thank the organisation for inviting us to take part with our production and add to the genuine character of Monegres, which is, without a doubt a unique festival. We appreciate the wonderful photographs taken of our company Carros de Foc during this edition of the Monegros Desert Festival.