XX anniversary of the Spanish cities Patrimonio de la Humanidad

Salvador, the giant marionette from Carros de Foc starred in the celebrations held in Segovia to commemorate the XX anniversary of the group of National Heritage Cities of Spain.Segovia, a World Heritage City itself opened its streets to Salvador who acted as master of ceremonies and accompanied by his friends the gnomes and 2 acrobats that symbolized ‘the Moon and the Sun or Night and Day’ during this massive event.

The travelling show started with Salvador leaving the San Millán church until the Aqueduct, he was accompanied by flute players, music composed especially for this occasion by the Segovian musician Fernando Ortiz, an expert in folklore plus being a remarkable ‘dulzainero’.

When Salvador arrived at the Aqueduct, the most emblematic monument in Segovia, a show begin and was performed as an offering to this amazing bi-millennium bridge. The show included a pair of acrobats under the gaze of Salvador and performed a routine using fabrics which amazed the public that were present.

For the finale, a group of ‘dulzaineros’ accompanied Salvador at the Aqueduct and played a concert including Traditional melodies from different heritage cities and the one composed especially by Fernando Ortiz: “Trece sones para un títere”. for this special occasion.


El Adelantado. 15-09-2013:

Segovia boasts about its World Heritage

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Salvador fills the street

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Segovia with the Heritage Cities

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A giant marionette to celebrate the anniversary of the World Heritage Cities