The well-known Torres de Serranos were one of the twelve doors that guarded the ancient fortified city of Valencia in the Spain of XIV century, and this was the scenic area chosen for Carros de Foc to perform at the event “La Crida”, the popular and multitudinous event that officially opens the Fallas de Valencia. For that, Carros de Foc created a drama of historical inspiration with a fantasy touch contextualized on that era.

The master of ceremony was Giant Salvador that narrated an historical passage, at the same time that Royal Horse joined the scene, accompanied by two actors that took part with a fabric aerial acrobatics scene.

Suddenly, the sky of the city shined for the explosion of the firework set that closed the event. The highest municipal and “falleras” authorities attended the event, in addition an audience of around 50.000 people attended the performance, as the Junta Central Fallera (JCF) confirmed, to welcome the Fallas 2014 in the traditional event of “La Crida”.