Stockton on Tees the traditional city at North of England, in the county of Durham & North Yorkshire, had  in a view an important event in this historic city. It was the officially opening of the new Square, where it was build a fantastic fountain with water games and colorful lights surrounded by flower beds with green areas for the enjoyment of the citizens. At the same time was also remodeled the promenade that leads to this square. Promenade by wich Salvador start to walk & was the beginning of the show.

To carry out this inaugural event & make it unforgettable in the eyes of the citizens, the Council of Borough of Stockton on Tees trusted on the Spanish  Company Carros de Foc for the launch of this urban space. The  Carros de Foc team start to work on it & designed a la carte an inspired opening performance in the story of Oscar Wilde “ The Selfish Giant”. And the day of the launching arrived, and became a party, attended by a crowd of citizens of Stockton and media, including the prestigious BBC TV Chanel.

Assembly in Stockton

It was a shinning sunny day during the moments of the assembly,  before the spectacle that offered the Company in Stockton, in the United Kingdom, the mass media were great interesting in these gathered instant and to capture the essence on the moment.

BBC with Chariots of Fire

During the assembly for the opening performance made by the company in Stockton, we received the team from the English TV network BBC that was interesting in getting to know some details about the show that we would offer in this city. Here we leave you news that it issued.

Stockton High Street 3D

We present to you the virtual view in 3D  of the remodeling of the main street and town hall square of the city of Stockton in England, in wich Carros de Foc did the opening performance and present officially to the citizens this new urban space.

Coming back

After a few unforgettable days in Stockton, Carros de Foc team returned  to Alicante with the satisfaction of having made a show that everybody that came to the town hall square of the city enjoy. In this way the new urban space remodeled was opening officially.

Story Board ''The Selfish Giant''

Story Board “The Selfish Giant” the opening Show of the New Square and The New High Street in Stockton on Tees on the 21st of March in United Kingdom