The Legend of the forgotton cities is an urban fantasy play where beasts dominate humanity causing agonic conidtions. Given this situation, the spirit of the people need to rid themselves of such opression and gain freedom from the hands of the giant dragon. And so begins between man and beast a tough and dramatic confrontation. The King will lead the final fight with the beast, with a sword in his hand he is then taken in the jaws of the dragon and flown high above the crowd. Finally the King manages to use his sword and is able to deal a mortal blow to the animal. The King is injured in the battle but is then rescued by his guards. The Dragon lays dying and the village is now free from their imprisonment and so begin to celebrate with a dance as a tribute to the King.

Many of the most important carnavals that are celebrated around Spain opt for street theatre productions in their parades to enrich their already popular fiestas. An example of this is the Cadiz Carnaval (Carnaval de Cádiz) which has now been declared as a Spanish National tourist attraction. This attracts even more attention, increases visibility and importance during over carnaval sesason. During the Carnaval de Cádiz, Carros de Foc represented their production of ‘The Legend of the forgotton cities’, here is a sample.