The play is to reflect the basic values of the humanity.
The protagonist is a young girl named Euterpe, created with the purpose of talking about the forgotten values, seeing beyond and touching upon the internal lethargic feelings of humanity.

The show is divided into three parts. The first part is the presentation of Euterpe, where she describes her human and industrial condition. At the same time of Euterpe presentation, a creation of a vertical choreography symbolizes the great risk that is to live in today’s modern society.


The second part, Euterpe makes a tribute to the father figure as a creator and by extension to all the creators. The father figure is symbolize through the character that performs an acrobatic mid air spectacular. . Through this six meter high aerial acrobatic choreography, the staging is done. What it will mean for the creator to be side by side with his daughter to support her unconditionally through her life.

In the scene with wich end  the stage play there is a reflection about the strength of the letters that creates words and how to use them properly, depending how they are been pronounce.

Euterpe invites us to continuously use kind words that open doors. This scene is performed with the elevation of the puppet levitating into the air above the square , creating a sublime visual scene.
During this scene four vertical dancers perched on the side stairs and stage space, to visually enhance this scene, symbolizing the industrial humanization.
Any good spectacle goes behind hours of essay and this one is a clear example. A metal framework was created as a performance area, in this stage play for the vertical choreography, posing new challenges in the artwork design by Miguel Ángel Martín the company artistic director.

This choreography was a novelty among Carros de Foc. It showed the innovation and complexity necessary, meaning, many extra hours of work and rehearsals to accomplish the desired results needed to create the magic.

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