The new Show of Carros de  Foc is based in an ancient legend, where a young Arabic princess named Azahara, falls in love of the city of Aliante and with the his people.

The Giant Sculpture Angel is the troubadour entrusted to tell Azahara’s story and the Giant Sculpture Genius Jorge who represents the tale and the richness that the Giant troubadour tells.

During his stay in the city, the sultan and father of the Young princesses, organizes aparty to find the perfect husband for his daughter Azahara, who grows sad because she did not feel the wishing love for any of the suitors. All this changes when she met Ricardo, a Christian young lad who conquers her heart from the first moment that their eyes met. They live a perfect love Story unbeknownst the Sultan, when he finds out about this romance, the sultan give the order to catch poor Ricardo.


Azahara, very upset and sad for the captivity of her love, asks her father to liberate her love to be able to continue living the love story dreamed. The sultan, convinced that his promise was not possible, he promise to his daughter that if the following day Alicante land were covered on white, he would give the freedom to Ricardo. The following day, Azahara discovers astonish that Alicante dawned cover of white thanks to the petals of the orange blossom, typical of the region.

Very happy for this fact, she ran to communicating it to her father, so her beloved Ricardo could be liberate, but the young Christian lad already has been hanged by the sultan orders, convinced that it was impossible that the promise he made to his daughter was come to real.

Perplex and surprised with the death of her beloved Ricardo, Azahara decides to finish with her life to meet her love in a world without religious barriers. Finally, Ricardo and Azahara will live their love forever, with nobody that could separate them ever again.

Show ''First Millenium''
Show ''First Millenium''