Euterpe, the new giant sculpture from Carros de Foc made her grand debut at the 2015 King’s Parade held in Madrid. An ever popular event where she was able to greet and interact with the public who did not want to miss out on this special occasion.

For this event, Euterpe is the main character for the Greek muse of music, the theme of the parade. This was just the beginning of a long life for Euterpe which promises new and exciting street theatre performances around the world.

Euterpe. Assembly King's Parade, Madrid 2015

Euterpe, Carros de Foc’s new female sculpture made her first appearance at the 2015 traditional King’s Parade held in Madrid.

Here you can see some footage of the first moments of her assembly. During this process many national press and TV companies were interested in seeing her come together and were all welcomed by Carros de Foc’s Artist Director.

Taking her first steps in Spain’s capital in what is destined to be a long and exciting journey to many cities and countries around the world and bringing her grace and elegance wherever she walks.


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