The way of life of this painter in society is that of a dreamer who meets bohemian characters and seeks to enjoy the city nightlife, the salons , and the boulevard cafes. While striving to capture those fleeting moments and turn them into works of art, he sees a classical ballet which inspires him  to put it onto canvas. The final result is the Edgar Degas painting , The Ballet. It is made up of the dancers themselves who take up the actual positions of the dancers in the real painting.

All is inside a large golden frame. Suddenly three people appear from the public and begin to interpret a modern  dance which also serves as inspiration for the painter. With his easel in his hand, the painter, as the dance unfolds, manages to capture a few lines on the canvas which represent a  work by PIET. MONDRIAN. ( Komposition Mit Rot, Gelb,Blau und schwarw. Finally the dancers end the representation dancing on the golden frame.