A show with Aguila Sophia (Eagle Sophia) as the main character where illusion and magic combine with a spectacular fire show.

The Moors & Christian fiesta in Ontinyent is declared as a Spanish National tourist attraction. Each year this fiesta becomes more popular due to enormous public interest and their love of mediterranean traditions. The regional television channel Canal Nou reported live from the event and here we can show you the result of the hard work that we put into this production that was commissioned to us by ‘Comparsa Almogávares de Ontinyent. They wanted this show to be the focal point of their parade. For Carros de Foc it was a great honour to work on this project and one that we put in alot of hardwork and dedication into. The result was extraordinary and one which marked a before and an after for this fiesta, an unforgettable experience for all the public and one that will always be remembered in the history of the Moors & Christian in Ontinyent.


Águila Sophia in Onteniente
Águila Sophia in Alicante 2013
Águila Sophia in Alba Iulia. Rumania
Águila Sophia in Cádiz