On this occasion we present a show that was first rolled out in the French city of Chambery for their carnaval festival. We would like to take this opportunity to thank photographer CIBIN JANKOVIC whose amazing photographs were used in this post of our production ‘A tribe in the city’


The god Kon-Gum has been embodied in the identity of Rodrigo, a giant Gorilla who has turned into a supernatural and inmortal being but with a sacred power. This god is adored by a set of tribal women, young women who give themselves in a ritual invoked by the sorcerer ‘Bonw-Gho’.


During the ceremony, the Gorilla then comes to life and rises to be 6 metres tall. The Gorilla can sit,open and close his jaw and move his head from side to side. A one point the sorcerer looks into the public for a girl to offer as a sacrifice to the god.

This show is set along 50 metres of road and taking the full width of the street, moving along to amazing sound & music effects that transports us into the jungle.