Festival Internacional de Teatro Santiago a Mil, FITAM 20 aniversary

The Carros de Foc production of “El Duida de Jagul” (The Druid from Jagul) is currently on tour around Chile, present in the ‘Festival Internacional de Teatro Santiago a Mil, FITAM’ which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.


This production is a compostion of different floats, giant marionettes and a formation of many artists to create an fantasy setting. Amoung the characters are the castle guards, young maidens, trees and a musical band that accompanys the giant Druid from Jagul on its medieval journey.


The production takes place with a festive dance by a group of women from the local village and transports the public into a fantasy storybook world. You then hear the voice of the narrator who talks about the wise and powerful druid that inhabits the forest and is well know for his concotions and potions.

The young maidens whilst dancing try and obtain this youth potion from the Druid, but the Druid’s aides deter them. In the end, he celebrates a big party which spreads joy to the public through song and dance.

Santiago a Mil - El Druida de Jagul